Did you just purchase a new vehicle that you want to keep from getting rock chips, scuffs and scratches? Have you had your car for a little while, but want to fix a few rock chips and protect it from getting more?

Protect your investment with paint protection film (PPF) and save yourself thousands in repairs and all the heartache of repainting your vehicle.

We can protect your car with paint protection film (PPF), sometimes called clear bra, with a transparent shield to preserve the most vulnerable painted areas from damage. PPF is a smooth, self healing and puncture resistant rubber-like material that acts as a suit of armor for your vehicle.

Chevrolet Corvette Paint Protection Film PPF & Ceramic Coaing

We are certified installers which allows us to not only guarantee the quality of installation, but also warranty our products. Our most popular is STek DYNOshield - our 10-year warrantied high gloss paint protection. We also offer STek DYNOmatt - a matte paint protection film for a custom matte finish; or any of STek's fashion PPF products.


All of our PPF options will provide protection from rock chips, scratches and blemishes in your vehicle's paint; saving you the headache of spending thousands repainting, preserving the factory finish & retaining the value of your vehicle.

tesla model 3 full body paint protection film ppf clear bra wrap with ceramic coating

PPF can wrap your entire vehicle or do partial protection for the areas that are most vulnerable & susceptible to damage. Paint protection film (PPF) can also be installed over vinyl stripes or wrap to protect the vinyl.


Ask about a ceramic coating for either your vinyl wrap or PPF to make it extremely hydrophobic and easy to maintain.

Below are the most commonly covered areas for paint protection film (PPF) made up into packages, but we can customize them to fit your specific needs.

tesla model y full body paint protection film ppf clear bra and ceramic coating

Silver Tier

limited protection - Partial front package



  • Front bumper covered & protected

  • 18-24 inches of the hood covered & protected 

  • Matched coverage from hood on front fenders

  • Add on mirrors, a-pillars, lenses, door cups,  door edges, rocker panels or any area you want protected

     Starting $795

Full body paint protection film (PPF) Tesla Model X clear bra ceramic coating

GOLD tier

Intermediate protection - FULL front package


  • Front bumper covered & protected

  • Full hood covered & protected 

  • Full fenders covered & protected

  • Mirror caps covered & protected

  • Add on lenses, a-pillars, door cups, door edges, rocker panels or any area you want protected

       Starting $1495

Ford Mustang Mach-E Mach E Painr protection film clear bra PPF & Ceramic Coating

platinum tier

ultimate in defense - full body protection


  • All painted surfaces fully wrapped in the best paint protection film (PPF) for the ultimate in defense against rock chips, scuffs and scratches.

  • Add on our PPF specific ceramic coating to give an additional layer of protection, make the surface super slick and repel water & dirt for ease of maintenance.

  • Ask about DynoFlex windshield protection film to protect the glass and prevent rock chip damage or the need to replace your windshield.

     Starting $4995

Tesla Model Y Full Body paint protection film clear bra PPF and ceramic coating

Pricing varies depending on your vehicle & the services performed. click the link to reach out to us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to go over options and pricing for your vehicle.